Useful game-info for parents

This is a collection of useful resources for parents in relation to children’s games and media in connection with this research. The ethical aspects of this study have been approved by the Macquarie University Human Research Ethics Committee. In addition, this information is provided to assist parents accessing further information relevant to children and digital games media. As every family is unique, it is recommended to read a variety of information from reputable, well researched sources.

A Parent’s Guide to Video Games,Parental Controls and Online Safety [download pdf]

An informational guide for parents about choosing age-appropriate games, setting up parental controls, and making sure their child’s video game experience is safe and secure

Play Safe Gaming Tips for Families [download pdf]

The European “PEGI” rating system, with relevant tips on device management for Australia

A parents guide to computer game classification in Australia [website link]

Cybersmart [website link]

Cyber Safety Guide for parents – Australian Government.

Take Control – Relationships Australia (South Australia) [website link]